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Posted April 4,2019 in Other.

Melly M
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  1. It has been a busy week of packing boxes as we prepare to move outon Monday. My poor parents will have the four of us (plus the dog) land on their doorstep for the duration of the new build. The past year of living in our 1980s home has gone so quickly and exciting times are ahead. The 80s were a unique period of house design, and I think our home paid homage to many of the decorating trends of the decade. Here are some of them along with some individual and unforgettable features of our home.

    Friday's Favourites  Farewell 1980s House

    (From L-R) Gold velvet curtains, our huge light brown letterbox (great for online deliveries!), the call button from the bathroom to the shed (who knows why?), one of our three chandeliers that we dined under each night, our tennis ball style door handles, the pergola which spanned the entire house length, the ice blue laminex kitchen, our minute washing line that could only fit one towel across and what I call our Dandenong Ranges fernery.

    So farewell to the 80s and moving along to some current inspiration and this weeks Fridays Favourites. Its no surprise that this kitchen made the cut. It features so many of my favourite design elements. Black windows, pretty pendant lights, bistro chairs and subway tiles.

    Friday's Favourites  Farewell 1980s House

    Martha OHara

    This is one of those images that my dreams are made of! Its the complete package with its mix of shingles, timber decking and stone retaining walls.

    Friday's Favourites  Farewell 1980s House

    Demetriades and Walker

    The impact of grass bordered with manicured trees and shrubs can never be underestimated. The backdrop of the white house exterior with black trimis perfect against the greenery.

    Friday's Favourites  Farewell 1980s House

    Ludo Dierckx

    Although this image is missing the shelf accessories, it is my inspiration for Miss 10s built-in desk for her new room. Hers wont be in these grand proportions but I love the idea of open shelving featured with wallpaper behind them.

    Friday's Favourites  Farewell 1980s House

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